Length: 1 hr 15 mins (not incl. instrumentals
Main Composer: Lin Hai
Physical Release: November 2, 2019
Digital Release: July 8, 2019

“I want to take someone back to the Cloud Recesses, take him back, and hide him…”
– Lan Wangji

8. Separation At QingHe・清河诀 (Nie Brothers Theme)

Theme: Mourning and Revenge

Separation at Qinghe‘ is a heavy power-ballad that serves as the theme song for the two Nie brothers, Nie Huaisang and Nie Mingjue.Nie Huaisang, following the murder of his brother via forced qi deviation, schemed to seek vengeance towards those who wronged his brother. He resurrected the Yiling Patriarch and willfully manipulated almost the entirety of the cultivation world, which can be seen in one of the main themes of the track — Revenge.

The second main theme within ‘Separation at Qinghe‘ is mourning. This is what set Nie Huaisang on his path towards revenge, as his brother was unjustly killed. From his absolute grief following the death of his brother, who was always strict but loving towards him, he sought to correct this injustice by destroying those who were involved in the murder of his brother.

The instrumental in this song is largely dominated by the piano and western stringed instruments such as the cello and violin. It had very few traditional Chinese instruments, and they mainly served to give texture to the western instruments that dominate the song. The vocals in ‘Separation At Qinghe‘ are top tier and is likely one of the most vocally challenging songs on the entire album.

The use of simple instrumentals is justified by the powerful vocals that are at the forefront of ‘Separation At Qinghe


9. If The Woodlands Has Something To Say・疏林如有诉 (Wen Qing Theme)
Gao Qiuzi

Theme: Responsibility

If The Woodlands Has Something To Say‘ is the character song of Wen Qing. The song is a narrative about responsibility, which is the central theme surrounding the track. She explains that “Just because of this surname, I am left with nothing but a bad name.” Wen Qing and her sister Wen Ning were left with a dirty name to no fault of their own, but because of who they were related to, stemming from the atrocities that the main branch of the Wen Clan chose to commit.

It details the experiences and responsibilities that Wen Qing felt during the last years of her life and the difficult sacrifices that she had to make while trying to protect the remnants of her family following their occupation of the Burial Mounds as refugees.

The composition and vocals of ‘If The Woodlands Has Something To say’ comes off as slightly retrospective, where Wen Qing is looking back on her life with a feeling of regret and responsibility. Regret that she wasn’t able to do more for those that she cared about and her responsibility as a doctor and as a senior member of her clan with the need to look after those who cannot look after themselves. It has a
slightly melancholic feel to it, where she wishes that they could all go back to better times, such as when they weren’t being hunted for indistinguishable features like their bloodline.

A powerful song about a tragic character, that helps to capture the essential essence of the character that is Wen Qing.


10. Passing By The Deserted City・荒城渡 (Xue Yang Theme)
Zhou Shen

Theme: Longing

Passing By a Deserted City‘ is the character song of Xue Yang, one of the main characters in the Yi City side story. It plays like a love story between Xue Yang and Xiao Xingchen, despite the fact that the relationship between the two was extremely toxic due to the sociopathic nature of Xue Yang.
The vocals in this song are deeply haunting, as the singer portrays Xue Yang as the blackened character through the expression of the lyrics. The main theme within ‘Passing By a Deserted City‘ is that of intense longing. Xue Yang longs for the person that he ultimately caused the death of through his immoral actions, only to realize following the death of Xiao Xingchen that he actually deeply cared for him and would do anything to have Xiao Xingchen forgive and come back to him, asking “If I get rid of these inner demons. Would you forgive me?”

Increasingly haunting vocals that allow you to gain an understanding of Xue Yang’s sociopathic tendencies.


11. Lone City・孤城 (Yi City Theme)
Sun Bolun & Chen Zhuoxuan

Theme: Tragedy and loss

Lone City‘ is the main theme of the Yi City characters, mainly Xiao Xingchen & Song Zichen. It tells the story of their love for each other and how the two wished to establish a sect based on common ideals rather than blood relations. It also tells the tragedy that befell Xiao Xingchen once he began a life within Yi City with Xue Yang, a sociopathic delinquent responsible for the blinding of Song Zichen — whom Xiao Xingchen would later transfer his eyes to, thus willfully blinding himself. Xue Yang, while living with Xingchen, would abuse Xiao Xingchen’s blindness by tricking him into slaughtering living humans with their tongues cut out suffering corpse poisoning.
The main theme of ‘Lone City‘ is that of tragedy. Xiao Xingchen learned of both the bloody massacres that he unknowingly committed and the slaughter of the person most dear to him. He took his own life, and his soul was so utterly broken that it shattered into pieces, likely never to be whole again.

Beautiful instrumentals with tragic & heartbreaking lyrics, which only serve to further assault the listener with the heartbreaking story of SongXiao. My heart hurts just thinking of the two…


12. Youth Especially Cannot Be Bullied・最是少年不可欺 (Juniors Theme)
Yui Xue, Zhen Fanxing, Qi Peixing & Guo Cheng

Theme: Determination

Youth Especially Cannot Be Bullied‘ is the theme song for the junior disciples, an uplifting song that emphasizes the determined nature of the younger generation of cultivators and how they expect not to be underestimated by their seniors. This song is probably my least favorite on the album, as I feel like it doesn’t quite suit the overall theme compared to the much more depressing and romantic nature of the others. It is especially apparent since it comes directly after the Yi City theme. However, the song itself is quite well produced. I feel like it would have been better received if it were placed aside songs such as ‘Yi Nan Ping,’ which have a similar uplifting tone to ‘Youth Especially Cannot Be Bullied’

I found that the most standout quality of the instrumental was the wistful sound of the flute that was constant throughout the song. But even that was let down in the middle of the song when the producer thought that it was a great idea to pair a soft-sounding flute with the heavy hard-hitting sound of an electric guitar (hint, it isn’t)

An uplifting song that doesn’t quite fit tonally with the rest of the album, despite its refined production.


13. Inappeasable・意难平 (Jiang Yanli Theme)
Yin Lin

Theme: Recollection & Love

Inappeasable‘, or ‘Yi Nan Ping‘ is the character song for Jiang Yanli. It talks about the relationship she had with her siblings, Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng, with particular focus on the former, whom she always deeply cared for – even when he was hated by society. She looks back on the better times that the three siblings spent while growing up at home at the Lotus Pier in Yunmeng and how she wishes that they could remain as close as they were back then with “no separation, no worries, no hatred,”

The main themes within ‘Yi Nan Ping‘ are that of love and recollection. The love she had for her two siblings. Even during times of hardship and that even when Wei Wuxian was hated as the Yiling Patriarch, she would still love him all the same, and that he would always remain to be her “Xian,” the affectionate nickname that she often called him.

Yi Nan Ping’ is soft and sweet, just like Jiang Yanli was throughout her lifetime.


14. Eternal Separation・永隔 (Jiang Yanli & Jin Zixuan Theme)
Lara Liang & Fabien Yang

Theme: Affection

A sweet and melancholic song that talks about the love shared between Jiang Yanli and her husband Jin Zixuan, who was taken away too soon due to tragic circumstances, eternally separating the pair and leaving their only child alone. They sing about being lucky to have met and loved each other during the short time that they had but lament that their time with one another was too short and that they hope that in their next lifetime, they are able to spend eternity with one another.

The song has sweet instrumentals backed by a drumbeat with further dimension added using traditional Chinese instruments that wonderfully complement the two vocalists.


15. Hatred In Life・多恨生 (Jin Guangyao Theme)
Zhu Xingjie
Theme: Hatred and Contempt

Hatred in Life‘ is the main character song for Jin Guangyao, which talks about his bitterness regarding how he is treated. First, as the illegitimate child of Jin Guangshan, one of the four great sect leaders. After he takes over as sect leader following the death of his father, he embraced the internal anger and darkness. Eventually, he turned into the corrupt person that society always portrayed him to be, even when this wasn’t the
I found the opening instrumentals to be my favorite aspect of the song as they really help to portray and emphasize Jin Guangyao as somewhat of a tragic villain, who by most accounts can be seen in a similar view as the main protagonist, Wei Wuxian. The latter would have continued straying down the dark path if his loved one hadn’t pulled him out of it.

An amazing song that becomes somewhat distorted due to the EDM/Trap beats contained within the majority of the song.


16. Not In Vain・不枉 (Group Song)
Naomi Wang

Theme: Love and Recollection

Not In Vain’ or ‘Bu Wang’ is the group song for the ensemble cast of Chen Qing Ling performed by Naomi Wang, which serves as a song that encompasses the story of the entire ensemble cast of ‘The Untamed‘. It also virtually acts like a second love song for Wangxian and their lives both together and apart. It includes references to their youth, Wei Wuxian’s lost friendships, and the everlasting love that he will have for those he cares for — even if they no longer feel the same. Furthermore, it conveys Wei Wuxian’s wish for both Lan Wangji and himself, now that they’ve found each other to not part from each other again.

I found that the vocalist really shines during the chorus, where she places emphasis on performing the line: “This life I will forever remember the forgotten envies (Wangxian),” which is significant to the story, as well as the song as WangXian is the name of the main couple song of Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian within the original novel, as well as a homonym to their ship name (taken from the 1st syllable of Lan Wangji and 2nd syllable of Wei Wuxian). The composition of the song itself relies heavily on an amazing piano background that complements and amplifies the vocals remarkably, with the instrumentals becoming more hard-hitting in the chorus, that further emphasizes the relationship and the love the two characters feel for one another, not just in the drama, but in the original novel as well.


Chen Qing Ling Select Instrumental Extras [Playlist]

忘机 (Wangji); 情牵 (Love Entanglement), 醉梦 (Drunken Dream), 清心音·乱魄抄 (Song of Lucidity), 安息 (‘Rest’ – taken from the novel), 不悔 (Won’t Regret)

I found this OST to not only be one of the best soundtracks in recent years, but one of the best albums of 2019 in general, and made me fall in love with the story of Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji and the care they have for each other.

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Artistic Creativity: 10/10
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Music: 8.2/10

Total: 9/10