Hello our dear users and welcome to yet another “In Case You Missed It” article, to help you recap all the news of this eventful week! Surely you have missed out on a few news, achievements or releases, so let’s dive into this article together and rehash our memory of everything that happened in the Asian Entertainment industry!



#1- A heartwarming news to start off a week—JYPE announced “Every Dream Matters” foundation in collaboration with “Make A Wish” organisation. All donations from this foundation will be used to help children with illnesses to pursue their dreams! It is indeed a nice gesture from this company, hopefully it helps many children!

#2- In 2016 we were blessed with “Stay With Me”, a collaboration between EXO’s Chanyeol and Punch. Four years later, it has been announced that this match made in heaven will collaborate again in an OST for the “Dr. Romantic 2” drama! We couldn’t be more excited for this!

#3- “Big Picture House”, a newly announced webdrama, will have an all-star cast, as it was revealed that AOA’s Yuna, N.Flying’s Seunghyub and Jaehyun will all star in it. The upcoming “Somehow Family” sitcom also won’t lack in the star cast aspect, as CLC’s Eunbin, Pentagon’s Yeo One and Sung Dong Il were all revealed to star in it! Will you be watching both shows?

#4- UNIQ’s and ex-X1 member Cho Seungyoun, better known as WOODZ, opened his official Twitter account this Monday while fromis_9 opened their japanese Twitter and website. In the midst of account openings, Baek A Yeon and Loona who are already on Twitter, explored new areas. Baek A Yeon opened her Vlive one, and Loona their weibo and TikTok accounts!! Did you follow them yet? You can also follow the newly opened Kiko Mizuhara YouTube channel, we all want to see what she will upload on it!

#5- This week was certainly off to a good start for all the stans of newer kpop boy groups as TXTCIX and ATEEZ all announced their official lightsticks! TXT’s one went on sale this Tuesday, ATEEZ on Wednesday and Thursday was for CIX. What do you think of the designs, did you already order one?

#6- Let’s get a bit on the japanese TV scene now. Coming as a shock for all Hello! Project fans, it was revealed that a H!P inspired movie is in productions now, and that Matsuzaka Tori got a lead role. New updates also came about JYPE’s new Japanese survival show. Instead of Netflix—like it was previously said— Nizi Project will now air on hulu, starting from January 31st. We are interested to see both projects!


#1- End of the year award shows are certainly not over yet! In fact, we got updates about two of them. First, we learned the date and location of the 2nd ‘The Fact Music Awards’ — it will be held in the Gocheok Sky Dome, on February 29th! Meanwhile, the 17th Korean Music Awards revealed a list of all the nominees! Let’s watch and see who takes those awards!

#2- It has been quite a day for 48groups. First, we learned that AKS—now known as Vernalossom— the company managing them, won’t do it anymore as they will all be managed by other labels. IZ*ONE’s japanese activities, however, will still be supported by them. Secondly, SKU48’s Azasa Fujiwara has announced her graduation from the group. We wish her and 48groups best of luck in the future!

#3- Good news for The Boyz and Red Velvet fans! The Boyz announced their first solo concerts to be held on March 14th and 15th! Hopefully many The Bs will attend it, just like Reveluvs will hopefully attend Red Velvet’s newly announced “La Rouge” world tour in a large number!

#4- It seems like Superbee and TWLV will become Yuzion’s labelmates as this rapper has signed with YNG & Rich Records. Hopefully she will enjoy it there!

#5- Ex-Leesang’s Gill is scheduled to return to his activities after a hiatus of 3 years in Channel As Eye Contact. What do you think about this?


#1- What a way to start our Wednesday! Leading japanese solo artist, LiSA, announced that she is getting married to Oldcodex’s Tatsuhisa Suzuki! We wish this couple many blessings in their marriage!

#2- Blessed be comeback news, and we have had a few of those! Firstly, Pentagon will be coming back with their 1st full album in mid February, just like AB6IX is scheduled to. UP10TION’s and EX-X1 Kim Wooseok is also reportedly preparing for his single release, though a date is yet to be announced. As we wait for those, let’s get excited about Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon “Paradise” single dropping on January 29th, and Moe Goto’s January 31st single “Sapphire Blue”!

#3- Wednesday was quite a mess for Lee Hi. After leaving YG last week, this week rumors and reports started circulating of her joining MakeUs agency. However, she denied those in a personal letter. Hopefully she signs with someone soon and we get to hear her amazing voice again!

#4- ELFs are well fed lately with Super Junior’s comeback and members’ individual schedules. To join that, Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk revealed that he will be releasing his first cook book! Let’s see what delicious recipes he hides!

#5- Sadly, some bad news concluded our Wednesday. Seventeen’s Jun has missed their concert earlier this week due to a cold, while we got a report that Red Velvet’s Wendy is still hospitalised and focusing on her recovery. Let’s wish them both a speedy recovery!


#1- Rainbow Bridge World shared an update considering legal actions taken due to malicious comments on behalf of Mamamoo saying they are collecting all evidences and making sure all responsible will be brought to justice. Hopefully the members will have less and less of those comments.

#2- A huge opportunity awaits all Japanese Blinks that won’t be able to participate in Blackpink’s final concerts there! It was revealed that the concert will be broadcast live in 96 movie theaters all over the Japan. Certainly Japanese Blinks will be delighted for this!

#3- Let’s continue with the good news, this time for Armys! First of all, it was decided that prosecution won’t indict Jungkook over his car accident. It was also revealed that BTS will be performing in the 67th Grammys with Lil Nas X. We are excited for the performance and hopeful that the maknae will be more careful next time.

#4- Thursday gave a shock and saddening news to Keyakizaka46 fans. Oda Nana and Suzumoto Miyu announced they will be graduating from the group, while Sato Shiori will be going on hiatus until further notice. The most shocking part is that the group’s center, Hirate Yurina won’t be graduating but withdrawing from the group. In her letter she explained that she can’t talk about her reasons yet, but expressed a hope that in the future she will. Let’s wish them all luck in their future and support the rest of the group now.


#1- Friday meant more jpop news, but it started off on the wrong foot, with Mizuki Murota announcing her graduation from ANGERME. Let’s support both her and the group in future activities.

#2- Interestingly, as part of the Regional exchange program between Japan and Russia, Morning Musume ’20 and Juice=Juice will be travelling to Vladivostok this June! Who else can strengthen these countries’ relationship, if not these two?! Hopefully Russians enjoy them as much as we do!

#3- After months of waiting, we will finally be able to see some long missing people. IZ*ONE is reported be resuming their activities as soon as February. We are glad their situation got better and we can see the girls soon. And soon we will also see NCT 127’s Jungwoo! This member has been missing out on the group’s activities for a few months due to health concerns. Now he is finally feeling better and NCT 127 is already gearing up for their next comeback!


#1- A whole 2 years have passed since we have last seen Sonamoo members, but the wait seems to be over, as the group is reported to be coming back this February! We are excited to see them again!

#2- This week, Twice fans and members weren’t at ease with Chaeyoung’s phone number being leaked. Luckily, JYPE announced they will press charges against everyone that spreads and contacts Chaeyoung’s number. The idol also called out the culprit on social networks. Hopefully this stops when JYPE presses charges!


#1- Perfume has announced their pop-up shop opening, called “Perfume Closet”. We will be anticipating what they will have in store!

#2- Following the cancellation of Chinese New Year movie premieres, Lost in Russia is scheduled to be released for free on streaming platforms nation-wide. We can’t wait to watch it!

#3- A fun fact to end the news of today, GFRIEND’s “Love In The Air” was played in one of the football matches of Spanish La Liga! Let’s hope it attracted some football fans to check GFRIEND’s discography!



When queen Chungha and honey-voiced ballad master Paul Kim unite their forces, a greatness is to be expected. And greatness was delivered in “Loveship” duet song! As the name of the song suggests, it describes the path from being best friends to lovers. The absolutely adorable and simplistic MV is accompanied by powerful vocals that perfectly describe the strong feelings they have for each other once they realize them. Check out this video and enjoy some cute story and great vocals!


When they first collaborated in 2017, the song was an instant hit winning many show awards. Three years after “Nosedive”, Dynamicduo and Chen team up once again for “Alone (You)” release. The heart wrenching song takes us on a post-breakup path, from a devastating feeling of self-guilt to experiencing loneliness, realizing a person with whom you wanted to do everything is no longer by your side. Chen’s soothing vocals contrast and balance Dynamicduo’s heavier rap to add an uplifting, optimistic tone. See how the path of post-breakup phase looked for those three boys and give this song a listen!


Ahead of their 2020 national tour, “E-girls PERFECT LIVE 2011  2019″, E-girls will release their “Another World” single album on January 29th. The music video was unveiled this Tuesday. The Tour will focus on the growth these girls showed in the past nine years, and as this song’s lyrics show, their experience and determination to carry on E-girls’ name in the future too. Give a listen to this meaningful song and relive all those years with the girls!


Just a week ago, C9 Entertainment announced a formation of their new duo, Poetic Narrator, consisting of Juniel and DOKO, making us all excitedly wait for their official debut. Now that it is here, we were blessed with not one but three singles, “I’ll Take Half Of Your Sorrows Today“, “Some Flowers” and “Sometimes I Desperately Want To Be Sick“. Beautifully introducing all the listeners to the duo’s various colours, each song has different charms to it. “I’ll Take Half Of Your Sorrows Today” shows the duo’s voice through a calming song, “Some Flowers” has enjoyable spring vibes to it, while “Sometimes I Desperately Want To Be Sick” has a groovy melody. Give a listen to all the songs and tell us your favourite!


It has truly been too long since exo’s Chanyeol used the name Loey, that’s usually reserved for his rapping endeavors. We are glad he is pursuing solo releases lately, as it resulted in a collaboration with mq for “Slow Walk“. Their casual-like, slow rapping style emphasizes the song’s main message—to let things flow naturally as everything has its own pace. In the rushed tempo of today’s world, we surely welcome that message with open arms, you will too once you dive into the song!


When Reol started off her rise to stardom in 2014 as vocaloid composer working with GigaP, who would have thought that today she will be known as a famous Jpop soloist with little to no similarity to vocaloids? Well here she is, setting new standards to Jpop music with her unique style, upbeat rhythm and colorful MVs. Certainly, “Hype Mode“, as a lead track of her “Golden Tower” full album, didn’t miss out to check on all of these boxes of Reol’s style. Give this song a listen now, but be careful, it is like a drug, you might get addicted!


It was 2017 when iKON’s Bobby last released his solo song. Now, almost a year since iKON last came back, Bobby had a chance to pre-release two songs ahead of iKON’s new comeback. One was the inspiring “Rest Your Bones” in which he requested ikonics facing hardships to rely on him. And hearing his melodic and unique rapping style, How can anyone resist? The other song is a collaboration with iKON’s Ju-ne, “Deep Night” for which Ju-ne finally showed us the writing potential we knew he had. We enjoyed both songs and they certainly made us anticipate iKON’s upcoming comeback even more, so give them a listen too!


#1- TWICE fans cried tears of joy this week, as the group’s music video for “TT” has reached 500 million views on YouTube, making it their first MV to reach the milestone!

#2- Zico’s “Any Song” has surpassed 100 hours Perfect All-Kill and still counting! As of January 27th, 1:00 AM KST, it has already reached 151 hours and is now the song with the second-most hourly PAK after “Love Scenario” with 204 hours.

#3- “Black Swan” has broken BTS’s personal record for 24-hour unique listeners for a B-side with a total of 597,324, surpassing the record previously held by “Mikrokosmos”! It also has the second-highest unique listeners debut overall with a total of 114,438 in the first hour, second only to IU’s “Love Poem”.
Their album “Love Yourself: Answer” is also now the first and only album by a Korean act to be certified Platinum by the RIAA! This means the album has sold a million copies in the US!


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