It’s now Christmas in some parts of the world and you probably have a holiday wish in mind. Take a listen to this song that perfectly depicts a person’s desire for his or her dreams to come true.

After his release of the soulful ‘Snowman‘ in February 2018, Jeong Seung-hwan firmly established himself as a winter balladeer again with ‘My Christmas Wish’, which was released this December. He is now the first Korean male singer I think of during the cold season. IU wrote the lyrics, portraying her deep thoughts and emotions using colorful words. It illustrated the perfect love story of a person who seeks to make a love confession on Christmas day.

‘My Christmas Wish’ makes me feel warm and calm while anticipating the holidays. The intro perfectly reflects the festive mood by using xylophone sounds that are reminiscent of Christmas carols. The chorus tells of how he hopes for a moment to happen in which he will be next to her on the bus so that he can reveal his feelings. I love the beautiful, heart-fluttering piano instrumental in the background, as well as the back vocals, which gave the sound effect of cold yet soothing wind. The song is melodic and relaxed with no fast bass sounds; it’s almost entirely hard-carried by his staggering vocals and heavenly piano sounds.

The part that struck me with chills was during the bridge when he belted out high notes filled with emotions. He tells us that there may or may not be snow this Christmas, but proclaiming love is a magnificent act to cherish nevertheless. The song ends elegantly and poetically. He wants winter to be the season all year long because it is the perfect timing for him to profess his thoughts to the person that he held dear for a long time.

Overall, ‘My Christmas Wish’ is a captivating song with vivid lyrics and powerful vocals. I can picture the snow while listening to the words and the melody. Watching the music video helped me visualize even further through beautiful sceneries and Seung-hwan’s realistic acting of a man in profound love. He portrays his emotions well, and I can see why this song is doing well on the charts. He truly owns winter and the hearts of many people in Korea during this season.

The holidays are a time to appreciate the people around you whether they’re family, friends, or a significant other. Perhaps, you may also have a similar Christmas aspiration of wanting to declare love or one that is entirely unrelated to the song’s theme. Whichever yearning you may have, I sincerely hope that we’ll be able to fulfill all our aspirations this winter. Happy holidays everyone!

Lyrics: 9/10
Vocals: 9.5/10
Music: 9.25/10