On November 19, WJSN came back with their new mini album ‘As You Wish’. This is their third album this year after ‘WJ Stay?’, which was released in January, and ‘For the Summer’, which was released in June. WJSN is known for their pure yet magical concepts and they continue to show their signature charms. They’ve made artistic progress and explored a variety of genres while still maintaining their colors. Their songs give off a more elegant atmosphere compared to their previous title tracks. Exy, the leader and rapper of the group, participated in the writing of all of the tracks. Both Dawon and Exy participated in producing.

Because they have a fresh and mystical image, they are able to create fantasy concepts. Their portrayals of fantasy compel the audience to think that dreams can become reality. They are in innocent love, and their pure imagination shows in ‘As You Wish‘.

The title track of the album, ‘As You Wish’ (which has the same name as the album itself) is a fun dance genre song that shows the heartwarming emotions of a girl wanting to confess her feelings. It’s fast paced and has great vocal harmonization. It sends a message that anything they wish for can be granted when they sing ‘As you wish, everything will come true’ during the chorus at 1:06-1:10. The upbeat background instrumentals give a cheerful, energetic vibe. The line distribution is good and you can hear high vocal tones throughout the song. I especially like the high notes from Yeonjung when she sings ‘In the dark night, I’ll find the light’ at 2:17-2:19, and from Soobin when she sings the same line at 2:52-2:54. The last chorus is powerful when they sing in unison at 2:58-3:07. The ending is beautiful as Soobin and Yeonjung harmonize with their lines ‘As you wish’ at 3:08-3:10.

Read the lyrics translated by Vivi for Hallyu+ here

Luckitty-cat’ is my favorite B-side. It’s a UK Garage dance genre song that talks about wanting to become the strength of another person. It has an upbeat and quirky beat, and it is powerful enough to be title track worthy. They describe themselves as a cat that has the key to bringing good luck. I enjoyed listening to the instrumental in the beginning and the funky sounds that resonate throughout. The most memorable part is Dawon’s high notes that build up right before the first chorus at 0:50-0:53 when she sings ‘I’ve made up my mind only for you.’ Yeoreum’s vocals shine a lot, especially at 1:36-1:40, ‘I’m going back to my memory, I’m somewhere, good luck’. The chorus parts are very catchy and they make you want to keep listening. The song pleasant to listen to and it makes you feel happy as they talk about wishing luck to their loved one.

Lights Up’ is a waltz song, and listening to it makes me think I’m in a fairy tale. The acoustic guitar sounds in the background overall enhance the dreamy feeling you get from listening to the song. This track is for the fans, as they are thanking them for being there for them. The fans are the brightest stars in the sky. It’s a beautiful ballad, and it’s a nice break from the buoyant, lively tracks that make up the rest of the album. Dayoung‘s voice is soft like a marshmallow at 0:44-0:52, ‘Even if you don’t shine. Even if you don’t shine everything…More than any star, you shine brightly with your love.’ You get a whimsical feeling at 1:29-1:43 when there are no words, just string and piano instrumentals, and it seems like you are slowly drifting away to the heavenly world. I especially like the last chorus when Seola sings at 3:21, ‘Protect me (your love your love), every moment (lights up, lights up)‘.

WW‘ is a disco song with a mix of disco and EDM. It is fun to listen to the voices that give a popping, bouncing effect that bursts with energy all throughout. The ‘uwa uwa uwa‘ (‘wow wow wow‘) parts are catchy, they capture their awe when they see their crush. I like the parts with intense beats that build up to the chorus. Their vocals are cute here and it suits the cuteness portrayed in this song. The chorus parts are fast paced, mimicking their heart fluttering, fast heartbeat.

Badaboom‘ is a mix of Moombahton and hip hop. It is the first time they experiment with a girl crush image and they pull it off well. The song is characterized by a fast melody and a mature concept. The pre-chorus parts are good, but the chorus is not as memorable and I thought it was a little short. It is dominated by the house beats in the background rather than the vocals. The most memorable part is when Bona sings at 0:54 ‘lii la li la li la la la’, which creates a strong sound effect right before the strong beats. Seola’s high notes stand out a lot, especially at 0:39-0:44, when she sings ‘At this moment, our paradise is about to unfold like a dream’, and also at 2:31-2:34 when she sings ‘I’m not afraid anymore’. The rap parts are also memorable, especially when Exy sings at 2:43-2:44 ‘Hey, we’re gonna make it fire’.

Read the lyrics translated by yooamygirls for Hallyu+ here

Full Moon’ is an electronic dance song that was produced by member Dawon, and it is known for its groovy beats and electronic base. The latter part of the chorus is catchy and the dreamlike lyrics are very memorable. Dawon takes the chorus when she sings ‘I just want a full moon’, and it expresses how the full moon gives a lonely feeling of someone very far away. ‘Run it out run it out run it out‘ at 1:05-1:09 depicts their rushed thoughts, and it is characterized by fast singing and beat. It is less memorable compared to the other b-sides, but it’s still worth checking out.

Don’t Touch’ is a track that leader Exy composed and produced. It’s well mixed with R&B and Trap. It talks about how instead of wavering they wiLl love themselves more when a person they care about chooses to leave them. It’s groovy and funky. There’s nothing much in the chorus part. The most memorable part is in the beginning at 0:06-0:11, when they all harmonize in unison. I also like the rap parts at 0:43-0:53, which alternate between Exy and EunseoDawon and Yeonjung’s vocals astonished me at 0:55-1:14.

Overall the album is very solid, and they expressed a lot of emotions and artistic creativity with it. They continue to deliver every time with their comebacks. The lyrics are magical, and they compel us to wish and imagine. If you like laid back songs, this album is generally not for you because there is only one ballad. However, if you are looking for an upbeat vibe with powerful melodies, I recommend listening to every single track on the album. It’s difficult for fast dance songs to have such high notes, but they were able to nail them. The girls continue to express their cosmic and pure concepts. They met the expectations the teasers set by going for their signature style that defines them.

Artistic Creativity: 8.75/10
Vocal Quality: 9.25/10
Music: 9.25/10 for title track ‘As you wish’ and 8.5/10 for B-sides