On October 30, 2019, Gfriend released “Fallin’ Light“, the eponymous title track of their first Japanese full album. Out of all the songs that have been released this year, I can confidently say that this is one of the most beautiful, both in terms of melody and visuals. Every scene in the music video is stunningly aesthetic, and all of their voices go together very well to form this masterpiece.

The moment the music starts, you can instantly feel its majesty. The piano playing in the background is soft and slow; the colors are calm and cool to match. Right after, you get drawn in by Eunha‘s visuals, SinB‘s baby blue-colored set, and a soft violin instrumental. This release is quite different compared to their last one, which was a hard-hitting dance track. If “Fever” was a bright, sunny day, then “Fallin’ Light” is a calm, flowing river. I was amazed by all of the aesthetically pleasing scenes, each one helped to enhance the vibe that the song wished to convey. The lyrics are no different, using adjectives such as “vivid,” “gentle,” and “dreamy” to perfectly pull the concept together. Eunha and Umji start the song off, their serene voices give the listener a delicate feeling. Yerin and SinB then bring you up the “angel’s ladder” at the start of the pre-chorus, whereas Yuju stares at several mirrors and gives off a mysterious feeling as new instruments and beats start to come into play.

As the pre-chorus draws to a close, Sowon‘s unique voice helps in gently transitioning into the next section as the beat slowly increases in volume. The chorus, my favorite section on this track, then begins. Eunha‘s vocals are showcased beautifully and Yerin sings a short high note that perfectly shows off Gfriend‘s amazing talent. SinB and Yuju conclude the first part of the chorus, their voices blend so well that it is hard to tell there are two people singing. Umji sings the iconic hook, “it’s shining light, it’s falling light“, while a violin gorgeously plays in the background.

To appreciate everything fully, you need to look at the creative lyrics. Two of the best, in my opinion, are in the second verse: Yerin‘s line, “Even a little moment, see, the shadow of two people“, and SinB‘s, “Even now, the heart shines brightly.” Both lines use imagery to convey their meaning. The mood of a beautiful, calm day is present throughout, like in Yerin’s scene where she is wearing a gorgeous dress while a chandelier sits on the table behind her. This music video has a lot of beautifully shot scenes that helped in presenting the style and concept of the song. The choreography is also not to be forgotten, as it was very elegant and fit nicely with the song. No official performance video has been released yet, but from the dance scenes in the music video, it’s evident that it flows very well. Everything in this song is amazing, and they fulfilled almost every one of my wishes.

Overall, I would recommend this to any fan of calm and elegant songs. If you are only fond of fast-paced songs or ballads, this may not be for you. But I still suggest giving it a chance since even if you don’t like what you hear, you’ll definitely enjoy watching the music video and the girls’ beauty. This is now one of my favorite tracks from Gfriend, and although I do wish the beat was a bit more unique, I still loved listening to this very much.

Artistic Creativity: 10/10
Music: 9/10
Vocal Quality: 10/10